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Gender & Sexuality Studies

Yearly Course Schedule

Fall 2013

Freshman Seminar: Our Bodies Ourselves
Class Number: 101-6-20 | Professor: Amy Partridge

Freshman Seminar - Gender & Cinema in the 70s
Class Number: 101-6-21 | Professor: N. Davis

Sexual Subjects: An Introduction to Sexuality Studies
Class Number: 220-0-20 | Professor: Lane Fenrich

The Roots of Feminism
Class Number: 230-0-20 | Professor: Alexandra Owen

Gender Sexuality and History - Gender, Race, and Politics of Beauty
Class Number: 321-0-20 | Professor: Tessie P Liu

Gender, Sexuality & Health - Health Activism
Class Number: 332-0-20 | Professor: Amy Partridge

Transnational Sexualities - Transnational Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality
Class Number: 341-0-20 | Professor: Jillana Enteen

Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture: Latina/o Popular Music
Class Number: 371-0-20 | Professor: unavailable

Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture: Girlhood in Public Culture
Class Number: 371-0-21 | Professor: Janice A Radway

Imagining the Internet: Gender, Sexuality, and Digital Technologies
Class Number: 374-0-20 | Professor: Jillana Enteen

Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Gender, Race & the Holocaust
Class Number: 382-0-20 | Professor: Phyllis Lassner

Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies: Psychology of Gender
Class Number: 390-0-20 | Professor: Alice Eagly

Research Methods for Gender and Sexuality Studies
Class Number: 396-0 | Professor: Mary J Weismantel

After Beauvoir: The Turbulence in Feminist Theory
Class Number: 397-0-20 | Professor: Mary Dietz

Advanced Feminist Theory
Class Number: 405-0-20 | Professor: Mary Golden Dietz

Topics in Gender Studies: Research Methods in Gender & Sexuality Studies
Class Number: 490-0-20 | Professor: Mary Weismantel

Rethinking Reproduction in Feminist Theory
Class Number: 490-0-20 | Professor: N. Beisel

Winter 2014

Gender, Sexuality, and Representation: Feminism as Cultural Critique
Class Number: 231-0-20 | Professor: Helen Thompson

"Sex Love & Marriage"
Class Number: 331 | Professor: N. Beisel

Gender, Sexuality, and Health: Public Health and its Discontents
Class Number: 332-0-20 | Professor: Amy Partridge

Gender, Sexuality & Public Policy
Class Number: 351 | Professor: H. Carrillo

Drama of Homosexuality
Class Number: 362 | Professor: J. Masten

Class Number: 374-0-20 | Professor: Jillana Enteen

Queer Theory
Class Number: 381-0-20 | Professor: Jillana Enteen

Gender Studies Gender & Black Masculinity
Class Number: 382 | Professor: D. Clark Hine

Motherhood and its Discontents
Class Number: 390 | Professor: K. Baldwin

Social Science Approach to Gender and Sexuality
Class Number: 490-0-21 | Professor: Ann Orloff

Comparative Race and Gender
Class Number: 490 | Professor: J. Yuh

Topics in Gender studies: Queer Theory
Class Number: 490 | Professor: N. Davis

Spring 2014

Sexuality & Society
Class Number: 232 | Professor: H. Carrillo

Gender and Political Philosophy
Class Number: 233 | Professor: P. Deutscher

Gender and War
Class Number: 321 | Professor: T. Liu

American Gay and Lesbian History
Class Number: 324-0-20 | Professor: Lane Fenrich

The Women's Health Movement 1970-Present
Class Number: 332-0-20 | Professor: Amy Partridge

Beyond the Binary
Class Number: 341 | Professor: M. Weismantel

Gender and Citizenship
Class Number: 353 | Professor: Ann Orloff

Asian American Women and Gender
Class Number: 382 | Professor: J. Yuh

Women as Leaders
Class Number: 390 | Professor: A. Eagly

Gender & Law
Class Number: 390 | Professor: J. Grossinger

Language and Sexuality
Class Number: 390 | Professor: J. Sherman

Catholic Bodies; Sexuality in History & Theory
Class Number: 390 | Professor: M. Molina

International Development and the Politics of Gender
Class Number: 394 | Professor: J. Sherman

Sociology of Sexuality
Class Number: 490-0-20 | Professor: H. Carrillo

Body/Embodiment & Materiality
Class Number: 490 | Professor: M. Molina

Digital Humanities Course
Class Number: TBD | Professor: J. Enteen




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